Thanks for joining me! My name is Amber and my purpose for creating this blog is to help inspire people to keep a positive outlook even when we are struggling. I want to share my story as well as feature people that have inspired me. We all have lessons to learn and I believe that each of us has something to share that could help others during the good times as well as the bad.

My husband and I are small business owners. His business is named Mantiques and mine is of course Sweet & Simple, but I am also co-owner of a furniture and gift shop named Funky Junk. The store is unique because it is a co-operative, and what that means is that there are 10 of us and we are each our own small business owner within the store. Each person has their own booth and we all take turns working. We re-finish and create furniture. We carry handmade, antiques, vintage finds as well as new items. So, in addition to sharing our life, I will be sharing our work, as well as what it is like to own a small business. I am surrounded by many inspiring people and will be featuring other small businesses.

Part of my inspiration for creating this blog is to bring awareness of mental health in all its forms. The reason this is important to me is that my dad suffered from schizophrenia, and I have other family members that suffer from depression, anxiety, and addiction. We have all experienced life and I believe that mental health is something we all need to be aware of. Mental health is not only about mental illness, to me it is about keeping your soul healthy. It is about life and the daily choices we make. What we choose to do with the information we are given, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves. So basically, it is life in all its messy imperfection and how we handle each imperfect situation.