Simple decorating ideas for the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching we are all thinking of making our homes feel cozy for ourselves and our guests. You don’t have to tear down walls, or re-do flooring to make your home feel cozy. It can be moving art, a rug, or even a piece of furniture from one room to another. A simple holiday décor change can make a big difference as well. I have a floating shelf in our front room that I decorate for different holidays. It is fun to decorate for the holidays, but I don’t go all out. I like to keep it simple. The simplicity is pleasing to my eyes but it’s also a time saver. Candles, books and plants can add a lot of warmth to your home. Even just a strand of lights can add a little coziness in the evening.

Here are a few photo’s of my floating shelf. You will notice that I use a lot of everyday décor items along with my holiday décor. Vases, books, vintage bottles, candlesticks can all add height and character when displaying the things you love. Some of these are vintage finds and others are family heirlooms that I love. I am still enjoying fall décor and will change to Christmas after Thanksgiving. I don’t judge you Christmas lovers who change to Christmas right after Halloween, I love it too. But Thanksgiving really is my favorite so I try to savor the fall colors before I put Christmas out.

Don’t stress yourself out about holiday décor if you are hosting, honestly it really is about the time together and as long as your bathroom is clean, that is all that matters.  

Simple fall decor
Halloween decor

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